Wedding Preparation: Avoid These Mistakes!

In preparation for marriage, there will be a lot of stuff that needs to be prepared. The wedding procession will also make you have to prepare the real things behind the procession of the reception. Preparation of this marriage you should plan ahead of time before the implementation time arrives. From the existence of this plan alone, there can be some things in the planning of the wedding is wrong or not realized according to existing plans. Especially if you do not do the preparation. For the marriage hall, you can visit Newton Hall.

Here are some mistakes when you plan your wedding:

1. Order Place Before Creating Guest List

The first form of mistake in marriage preparation is to book a wedding building before creating a clear guest list. Of course, this is very risky and potentially makes your marriage will turn into a mess. To make the guests more comfortable when the reception takes place, of course, adequate and appropriate place of capacity is a must. Do not let you rush to book a place but the number of guests you invite turned out to exceed the capacity of the place. Of course, this will make the guest uncomfortable to be in a place that is so crowded. And finally, this will backfire for yourself.

Conversely, if you have booked a place that turned out the number of guests you invite was little, of course, this will harm you. Therefore you must first write down and determine the number of guests that you will invite before determining the place you will use. With this, you will make the guests more comfortable and the wedding reception will run better and successful.

2. Too Rush Determining the Concept of Wedding Party

The theme or concept of the wedding is something that the guests are waiting for. In determining the concept of this marriage you must plan and discuss it with the mature with the prospective partner and your family and your family-in-law. There may be some differences desired by the couple or family about the concept of this marriage. When this happens, then do a good discussion to be able to determine and agree together about the concept of marriage to be held. With this mutual agreement then your marriage will have an opportunity to run smoothly and successfully because it gets the support that many parties.

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