Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet for the Dining Room

Carpet is not a mandatory element in home interior decoration and to take care of it, you need to use service. However, that does not mean you can be careless in choosing. Especially if you want to choose a carpet for the dining room. In order not wrong choosing the right carpet for the dining room, note the following things.

– Size

In the dining room, the carpet must have been placed at the bottom of the dining table set. Make sure the carpet is used wider than the circumference of the outside dining table, approximately along 61 cm on each side. If the size of the carpet is less than that, it is feared you will be disturbed when pulling and pushing the chair from the dinner table. Smaller carpets will also be easily damaged because often folded by the legs of the chair.

If you want to cover the entire floor surface of the room with a carpet, it could not hurt to choose a carpet with different motifs and colors so that the look of your room has a bright and cheerful impression. This way also makes your room has a bustling Bohemian-style concept.

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