Some Types of Ants You Should Avoid From Your Home Environment

Many people assume that the presence of ants in his home is not a big thing. Moreover, they are telling all types of ants are harmless and do not need to be eliminated. However, there are actually some types of ants that are very dangerous and should be removed from around the house. If there are ant of that types in your house, it’s good you use the services of ant control so that your house is free of harmful ants that data disturb your life.

Some types of ants you should avoid in your home and your neighborhood are

1. Siafu Ants
If bitten by this type of ant will cause the effect of swelling and feel the heat is quite painful, especially if not given treatment immediately. This type of ant never makes a nest and has a high running speed. They even able to eat worms, and snakes that have died.

2. Fire Ant
This type of ant is also known as the most aggressive type of ants. The danger posed by this ant bite is swelling and a very thick red color on the skin. That bites can heal in the period in a month or even more.

3. Bullet Ants
This type of ant is commonly found in rainforests or forests located in Central America. This type of ant has many colors. However, the most dominant color of these ants is brown, black and red. The sting of this ant will be very painful because the bite will cause a spasm of the muscles in the affected part of the bite.

4. Florida Harvester Ant
This is the most dangerous ant compared to other types of ants, this ant bite will cause the skin to remove water, causing redness even to cause secretion or mucus.

These types are some types of ants to avoid. Not all types are around us, but it’s good we still have to be vigilant and do the right action if the ants have bitten by the ants.