This Easy Way to Prevent Disease Pancaroba During Season Substitution

Heat should not be left alone. When you feel the heat inside, of course, the various activities will be disrupted. Though relieving the heat in you can do without treatment. All you have to do is to consume adequate fluid intake. Because the fluid is very important to restore the body temperature back to normal. Good hydration will launch mechanisms and metabolism in the body, including increasing body immunity. To improve the body’s immunity, you can use to increase stamina and body immunity. To prevent exposure to internal heat symptoms, it is important to do prevention, especially in a transition period.

Prevention is done by preparing for extreme weather changes, such as wearing thicker clothes when it rains, not getting out of the house during unfriendly weather, eating and drinking more and more frequently, and drinking lots of beverages that contain lots of minerals. In addition, prevention is no less important is to exercise and to vaccinate influenza. Minerals and vitamins are the body’s micronutrient needs, both of which serve as catalysts and factors of various chemical and metabolic reactions in the body, including immune function.