Reach Your Dream With Vert

Vert shock review your average jump scores to the higher jump score you can achieve. This program will help all the young children who dream to be a professional basketball player or young athlete to improve your jump ability and increasing your jump score. Founded by two important roles in basketball Adam Folker and Jusfly, this program offers you three-phase program to reach your maximum jump height in a short time. Vert Shock program combines the founder experience with scientific research to form an efficient formula to improve your jumping height.

Vert Shock program focuses on training and developing nervous system especially twitch muscle (Type II B fibers). Type II B fibers responsible for explosive movement such as jumping. The explosive movement is a result of a fast contraction of its fiber. This program will help you to activate and strengthen your twitch system to maximize your jumping skills. Besides, it is also improving your overall stamina for performing a higher jump whenever it is needed. Vert Shock program offers three-phase including pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post-shock phase. It requires only eight weeks to complete all thre e phases. Every phase has their own training period. Pre-shock phase occurs week training, shock phase occurs six weeks training and post-shock phase occurs week training. After all the training you need to maintain your new muscle memory by doing a suggested workout at least once a week. You can do the entire workout required in the home using simple training tools. You can do the workout whenever you want it can be after doing your homework, in the recess time, or if you are bored. I t does not matter what specific times you need doing the workout, as long as you do it regularly and following all suggestion you will gain your maximum jump height. Scoring and dunking and gain the MVP title is not only a dream now. Grab your e-book now and show your talents to the world!