Room thermostat, type, and placement

The thermostat space is an important component of the heating system where you can adjust the thermal comfort level and at the same time, the amount of energy consumed. If well used a good thermostat can produce energy savings and economic consequences. The task we have to reach the thermostat may seem very simple, apparently, it will just turn off or turn on the boiler, it actually does not happen. Over the years, the boiler has evolved toward an increase in efficiency, Reduced consumption, and environmental impact, with strong greenhouse gas production reductions. This research process has also involved a space thermostat, which they require more sophisticated features as you can get at

The simplest type of thermostat is a mechanical thermostat in which elements sensitive to temperature variations are fluids or metal foils. In this type generally only functions that may be on / off. It is the same sensitive material that deforms when the temperature varies opening or closing the boiler’s electric circuit. A more advanced type is an electronic thermostat that uses as its operating principle, variations of some electrical parameters due to varying temperatures. Generally, this type of thermostat in addition to on / off function can replace summer or winter operation, handling some daily temperature levels, eg night, to get anti-freeze function, useful in case of the small-use environment.