These are Some of the Fundamental Differences Of Blogs And Websites You Need To Know


If you have a business or service that is growing, then you will need a good and appropriate internet marketing so that business or service can grow and known by many people. One that you can choose is Lawyer marketing, especially if you’re in a lawyer’s services. So, these services can you choose to get good marketing.

Usually, marketing services will provide SEO to be able to introduce your business to many people. SEO services will usually also be associated with the content, website or blog that you use. However, there are still many people who mistakenly think that blogs and websites can be used. In fact, there are some differences between websites or blogs. Some basic differences to note are

– Users
Blog created for the purposes of writing so that users are among ordinary people who want to channel the results of his writing to many people. A blog is owned and managed by one person. Meanwhile, the website is owned by one person or more in accordance with the purpose made. Biasnaya website owners are professionals who need the website as a medium to inform things to many people.

– Aim
A blog usually made for the purpose. The owner uses blogs as a medium to write his personal notes to be shared with readers. Along with the change of time, blog function shifted from the original to personal use into the function of online business media. while the website is intended for commercial purposes, such as company profile and selling on the internet.

– Cost
Blogs can be downloaded for free because of subdomain and web hosting by each different blog. If you use the website, then you spend money for monthly rental of web hosting and domain rental per year.

– Performance
With the appearance of the template design and better features then make the website better when used. Websites created by experienced programmers will look more professional and able to meet the needs of owners and visitors to the website.