Frozen Food or Raw Food?

Not because you do not like a healthy food, but the condition often urges you to switch to options that seem less nutritious than not eating at all. Frozen food is often an option for practical reasons. But now you do not have to worry because now you can easily get frozen or raw food with good quality at

Raw does not mean fresh. When there is competition between raw and frozen, we can imagine healthy food lovers directly sided with the raw food team because they think the product is fresher and certainly healthier. But a number of health articles say that some types of frozen foods turned out to be more nutritious than raw foods but the product range should be seen again because of the type of frozen food that much. There are meats, fish, even finished foods (such as convenient food or package meals) that are frozen. Label raw food does not necessarily make the food must be fresh. Many other factors need to be considered to see the freshness of a product.

While frozen fruit is usually picked when mature is optimal to then be freezing process. The type of freezing itself also affects the durability of the fruit. The recommended process is by quick freezing which is mostly done by frozen food producers today. This process quickly makes frozen fruit with a temperature so low that the process of destruction of the nutritional value is delayed. So, indeed for some types of fruits and vegetables, this frozen form has a higher nutritional value, compared to the same product is sold raw.

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